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Live Positive, Live with Faith...

Live Positive, Live with Faith...
Live Positive, Live with Faith...

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Really helpful

I actually found the clinic’s process for amending bookings really helpful.
We had to change an appointment due to a flight change and a person came back to me straight away via the WhatsApp service. They moved the booking and offered help in the future / if the booking was changed again


Great customer service

Great Customer Support. WhatsApp channel was really useful and very responsive. Really nice not to have to hang on the phone to get quick questions answers.


I would strongly recommend them any day

I really just admire and appreciate the courtesy with which they treated me, whilst being all professional and security / safety conscious all the time.

Needless to say their turnaround time is so prompt and reliable.

I would strongly recommend them any day.


Great experience buying here!

Great experience buying here!!! The service it’s really great and they respond immediately for all doubts!
Congrats to everybody that works there!


These guys are the best

These guys are the best! I highly recommend, needed to travel and my test results didn’t get to the lab, chatted with them on Whatsapp, the customer rep, contacted the lab ensured that the lab technician stayed to collect the sample and got my results in 2 – 3 hours! I was overjoyed, I am so sticking with them, they are the best. The prices are great too.


Test Services: Clinic, Laboratory, Wholesale, Importer, distributor for STI, HPV, Hormone, Allergy, Blood, COVID testing

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