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  • From: £29.99 or subscribe and save up to 20%

    A Self-Swab or Urine Home Sampling Kit HPV Test kit for the Virus: Options for the Type or Variant version in your results report.

    HPV PCR Home Test sample
    Self-Swab/Urine sample
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    Easy to use and clear
    Result in 1 to 3 days
    Results within one day

    1 Biomarker:

    HPV PCR Home Test
    PCR Variant

    Click here for Home Swab Kit instructions on how to make a Swab sample.

    Click here for Home Urine instructions on how to do a Urine sample at home

    For a Clinic Visit, please click here.

    Please choose the preferred options below.

  • £99.00

    A clinic self-swab test determines which variants you have been infected with HPV and variant. Reports also which multiple variants you may be infected with. Same-day results.

    HPV Variant Swab Test Clinic sample
    Clinic visit Self-Swab
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    High-Quality Test Brand
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    London Clinic Locations
    Result in 1 to 3 days
    Results within one day

    21 Tests:

    HPV Variant Swab Test Clinic
    HPV Genotype Variant PCR:
    Individual results, Positive or Negative, for the following types:
    16, 18, 31, 59, 66, 53, 33, 58, 45, 56, 52, 35, 68, 51, 39, 82, 26, 73, 6, 11, 81.

    Please navigate for the home test kit.

  • From: £179.00
    An easy testing profile of 10 tests so our Laboratory can determine infection. Online Prescription Option
    STI 9 Tests Clinic
    Clinic Visit Blood Test & Swab
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    High-Quality Test Brands
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    Great Value
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    4 London Clinic Locations
    Result in 1 to 3 days
    Results within one day

    10 Tests:

    STI 9 Tests Clinic - Chlamydia PCRChlamydia PCRSTI 9 Tests Clinic - Gonorrhoea PCRGonorrhoea PCRSTI 9 Tests Clinic - Ureaplasma PCRUreaplasma PCRSTI 9 Tests Clinic - Trichomoniasis PCRTrichomoniasis PCRSTI 9 Tests Clinic - Mycoplasma PCRMycoplasma PCRSTI 9 Tests Clinic - HPV PCRHPV PCRSTI 9 Tests Clinic - Herpes Simplex I & II PCRHerpes Simplex I PCRSTI 9 Tests Clinic - HIVHerpes Simplex II PCR STI 9 Tests Clinic - HIVHIVSTI 9 Tests Clinic - SyphilisSyphilis
  • £9.50

    Dear Customer,

    DHSC Requires customers who entered the wrong address or have a failed test result to order another kit to meet the requirements of being tested when they enter the UK during their isolation. Replacement Kits are required under the following circumstances.

    • Failed Results Retest order from the Lab (kits sent for free)
    • Wrong Address Reorder (kits need to be ordered)
    • Delayed or missing test (kits ordered but credited when claim form submitted or lost kits are found and returned)

    Please note: Any found kits will be processed and a credit issued to the customer. In the meantime, unless you want to stay in isolation we suggest retesting without delays.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Dr Shahzaib Ahmad

    Medical Director

    Medicines Online Ltd

    Click here for instructions how to do a PCR test