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Ureaplasma Test PCR Home Kit – £40

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From: £40.00 or subscribe and save up to 20%

A self-swab sample kit with next-day delivery for Ureaplasma and results in 1-3 days.
Ureaplasma PCR Home Test sample
Self-Swab/Urine sample
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Ureaplasma PCR Home Test
Ureaplasma PCR

Click here for instructions on how to do a Swab sample at Home.

Click here for instructions on how to do a Urine sample at Home.

You are not allowed to cancel this subscription before 3 months.*

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Ureaplasma Test kit for home delivery

What is a Ureaplasma test?

Ureaplasma bacteria are found in the urinary and genital tract. 

Ureaplasma is transmitted through sexual contact. However, the bacterium was also found in women who did not have sexual intercourse until the time of the investigation.

Why choose our Testing Kit?

We use CE-certified qPCR laboratory equipment that sensitively and accurately detects Ureaplasma in your swab.

The hassle-free self-swab kit is sent to your house. Follow the simple instructions. And post it back to our lab free of charge.

  1. 1 x Stress-Free, Pre-Paid Royal Mail Tracked24,
  2. Return to Lab Labels included.
  3. Certificate Issued
  4. Bonus QR CODE Health Status Evidence

What does the package include?

Self Swab Sample:
  • Swab.
  • Sample tube with liquid.
  • Specisafe plastic case.
  • Return bag UN3373.
  • Pre-paid label.
  • Instructions for use.
Urine Sample:
  • Sample container.
  • Return bag UN3373.
  • Pre-paid label.
  • Instructions for use.

How does it work?

sti test tube

Order your kit online and once it arrive collect your sample at home.

drop off test

Drop off the parcel preferably in the morning to get the earlier box clearances. Using the Return Track24 pre-paid label on each test kit, drop the package off at the nearest Royal Mail Priority Red Box to return it to the Lab.

ready results

Once your results are ready, we will send you an email with your certificate.​

How long do the results take?

The target turnaround time for Ureaplasma results is 1-3 working days from receiving them in the laboratory. The turnaround time is a guide only and sometimes depends on assay run schedules.

* But, if your results are positive, please visit your health provider for treatment​

Sample Management

Therefore, consider that Medicines Online for home delivery is not just cost-effective. Clinics also use a PCR Laboratory solution for a general health check.

Finally, please complete sample rules 100%. Therefore, follow the instructions. Or invalid results occur. Every sample rule completed. So, please follow our guidelines.

Ensure your sexual partner is free from sexually transmitted issues, and ask for their results. It is an excellent idea to keep you and your partner safe. And some issues need a blood sample, but not all need that. However, most are fine with a swab or urine tub.
Therefore, ask your sexual health service centre, which provides health services, if the issue results via text or email. Most prefer email as it’s more confidential. We all know that the government monitors your SMS. However, some are in a high-risk category and need to consider at least getting checked each week. Also, we have a subscription method for the weekly delivery of kits. Therefore, these home products are of great value. Or you can visit your local centre for some price comparisons. But we won’t be beaten on price.
  • Q: Firstly, what is this infection?
    • A: A bacteria commonly found in people’s urinary or genital tract. 
  • Q: And how is it spread?
    • A: It can be spread by vaginal, penile, oral or anal sexual contact.
  • Q: But how can I reduce my risk of getting this bacteria?
    • A: If you are sexually active, you can reduce the risk of getting it by using condoms correctly every time you have sex.
  • Q: And what are the symptoms?
    • A: Those infected may not notice any symptoms. However, the main symptom is inflammation which can cause discomfort. 
  • Q: But what are the symptoms for females?
    • A: Pain during sex, post-coital bleeding, pain in the stomach area, swollen genitalia, vaginal discharge, burning sensation when urinating. 
  • Q: And what are the symptoms for males?
    • A: Urethritis, discharge from the penis, stinging sensation when urinating. 
  • Q: How common is this infection?
    • A: Furthermore a recent study has suggested that over one per cent of the population could be infected. 
  • Q: Also, can this infection cause infertility issues? 
    • A: If a woman has unexplained infertility, she should get tested for it, as this might be the issue. 
  • Q: So, if I am pregnant, does it affect my baby?
    • A: Therefore, it can be passed on from an infected mother to the fetus in the womb. But, in this case, it can occur a risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, risk of premature birth or rupture of the membranes prematurely. 
  • Q: Finally, is there a treatment which can cure it?
    • A: Yes, the healthcare provider will give the cure which can treat the infection.

Additional information

Weight .75 kg
Dimensions 35.3 × 25 × 2.5 cm
Sample Method Option

Swab Test, Urine Test

Doctors Prescription Bundle Option (£30)¹ ²Without bundle £60

Yes, No

SH Prescription¹ ²

Customers across the UK have often complained that when they get a positive SH result, they have a very difficult time to get a prescription. Also, they are often visiting a doctor or NHS SH centre, which leads to waste of many hours and travel costs and paying private Doctors fees.

Medicines Online is the first UK Diagnostic Laboratory to bundle a Prescription Referral Service with its SH Product solutions.

Bundle in at time of Purchase: Price £30

  • You can select the package at the time of the order the price is a special bundle price.
  • Select the Prescription Bundle at the check-out.
  • Complete your purchase and if you get a positive result, if the option is available for that product, go to your dashboard and fill out the pop-up Referral Questionnaire from the Doctor.
  • For positive results your Referral is automatically transferred to the Doctor for processing. If the Doctor has any questions, you will be contacted by email or telephone. If approved, your Original and Signed prescription will be automatically posted next day delivery to you in the mail for you to take to your nearest Pharmacy.

Total time: 2-3 days from positive result to prescription delivery.

Non-Bundle Price £60

You can wait until you get your positive result and then visit our Online Prescription Page and pay for your Prescription Consultation at the regular rate of £60.

The steps:

  • Purchase the Prescription referral product on the website.
  • Provide your order number that you had a positive result so we can track it.
  • Complete your purchase and fill out the pop-up Referral Questionnaire from the Doctor.
  • For positive results your Referral is automatically transferred to the Doctor for processing. If the Doctor has any questions, you will be contacted by email or telephone. If approved, your Original and Signed Prescription will be automatically posted next day delivery to you in the mail for you to take to your nearest Pharmacy.

Total time: 3-5 days for prescription processing and Royal Mail Track24 delivery.

Prescription does not apply for HPV, HIV and Syphilis products.


Reading and interpreting Results:

The Instrument Manufacturer of our PCR and Extraction instruments are validated and specifies a sensitivity and accuracy of more than 80% and up to 98.7% depending on the sampling accuracy, the environment and conditions and the sampling method selected by the customer.

To explain in layman’s terms, a swab sample stick that carries 100,000 bacteria or virus bugs may give a different result than a swab sample stick with 10 bugs.

Overall result accuracy varies depending on patient infection intensity, health and quality of the sampling procedures by the home-based customer. And how many “bugs” are on the swab stick returned to our laboratory.

Result accuracy can be less than the above range due to these factors

2 reviews for Ureaplasma Test PCR Home Kit – £40

  1. Cidalia Almeida

    Glad to have found medicines online, doctors won’t test for this so very happy with this kit. Results emailed 2 days after I posted. Will absolutely recommend you.

  2. Lauren

    The test was delivered the very next day

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