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Live Positive, Live with Faith...

Live Positive, Live with Faith...
Live Positive, Live with Faith...

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Medicines Online is about Nurses.

“You may think of us as the uber of Nurses”


“How very little can be done under the spirit of fear” Florence Nightingale



Nurses have been controlled for decades and have been marginalised over time in a modern system of Clinics and Hospitals designed by Politicians and Corporate Structures increasingly focused on budgets.

100 + years ago Community Nurses were very accessible. Every family knew where to run for a local Nurse to help anyone when they needed it. This accessibility has been eroded by Corporate Business Plans, High Density living and modern Privacy expectations. But the Nurses Indemnity Insurance and Professional systems remain in place. Nurses could practice Healthcare on their own then and they still can now. But the Public forgot that they could, and many Nurses almost forgot too.

Convergent Forces:

  • Nurses have been promised pay, and conditions compensation for decades. And these promises largely, have been empty promises.
  • After the first lockdown Nurses Marched across the UK, complaining that Doctors and Police got their deserved pay rises and they got nothing. After the marches they still got promises. They are very angry at the Healthcare Organisations with which they work. And now again a Second wave is here, and Nurses are there yet again to support the whole country.
  • Doctors and Clinics have for the last 40 years been reducing home visits due to costs and time demands.
  • The modern consumer has accepted on-line booking and payment systems for home visits.
  • Many apps and websites have been developed for Doctors and for Clinics. Not 1 has been developed specifically for Nurses. (Feedback to us from many nurses)
  • The modern consumer expects to have home visit options for many kinds of services.
  • The consumer has been resistant or afraid to visit hospitals and Clinics for years. Indeed, this year and probably next year they have been told largely, not to visit.
  • The pandemic will be affecting us for the next 1-2 years at least, And governments are unsure what to tell people about this. To vaccinate 50% of the UK could take 1-3 years.

Dreams Studio Ltd T/As Medicines Online is registered with MHRA as Dreams Studio Ltd.

Our initial focus is on bringing 10,000 nurses into our system. Direct shipping from equipment suppliers to the Nurses is a requirement for suppliers to deal with us with transparent pricing.

Each Nurse has your own Micro Clinic nurse page where the local community can find you through our SEO efforts which start when a Nurse joins our program. Reviews, services and availability for each Micro Clinic Nurse can be found on your own Nurses local webpage.

This is a self-employment opportunity where 80% of the profit on each service, is returned to you, the Nurse.

Health Status WR Codes

Dear Nurse,

Thank you for visiting to find out more about our Micro Clinic program for Nurses.

This program is a medium and long term pathway to earn for yourself.

Due to banning of advertising COVID services on google and social media its taking a bit longer to get Nurses a rush of bookings. But they will come.

Our National Micro Clinic program is right and its good. You will need to be a little patient while we get your new page up on google in your local area. We use postcodes City and Region data to promote your new Micro Clinic to your local community.


I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know that the team at Medicines Online are working and thinking hard on how we can help Nurses take back control of their careers and earnings, and at the same time improve health care to our communities.

In times long past, Nursing was appreciated, of course respected but also very well paid. Individuals in small communities were able to reach out to Nurses directly when they needed them.

Our Vision is to provide a place where people in need can connect directly to local Nursing. Indeed, we have lodged a patent for this process because we believe no one has done this before. And actually, we can’t understand why.

But here we are, we care about you and we care about the people that need you.

So, we provide this portal where Nurses and the local community can connect.

It’s Just the Beginning

Testing and Audits for COVID-19 Antibody and Live Virus Testing? Yes, but it is just the beginning of what Nursing can offer directly to the community.

Please join as many Nurses as you can to reach a broad support nursing footprint across our country.

Encourage your eligible friends and family to join our Micro Clinic program. We are looking for thousands more Registered Nurses and suitably qualified and insured Carers across the country to join our Digital Wave. Re-connecting nursing with the community like it used to be in the good old days.

We are in ramp up mode so join the program. Its free. Work part-time or full-time, the choice is yours. Update your availability schedule anytime in your account.

It’s a shame that national applause has not translated into life changing career benefits. Let me assure you that this Micro Clinic program is a very big step in doing that. This is a long-term pathway for a permanent lifestyle change for you and a new direct connect solution for you and the Community. 

After I join, whats next?

  • We will start to push your Micro Clinic page onto the top pages in google using organic SEO. So you can receive bookings.
  • We want to hear from you regularly about opportunities you see in the local community that you feel we should be listing on the website for you.
  • We give you access to Media Materials and Supplier information on the suggested equipment for services.
  • Join our Telegram App discussion group chat.
  • Call us and connect to us. Get to know our team, they can get to know you too. We are receive booking leads everyday and we are looking for reliable Micro Clinic partners to action those leads.
  • So you get work in 2 ways

a) from your page and the website.
b) from Customer Service as they chat with website visitors.

Our customer service is available online also if you need to chat.


PJ Brennan on behalf of,

The Team

@Medicines Online

Plug in to our Healthcare, Testing and Vaccination Appointments System.

Join and choose to make more money and higher returns for each hour you work. 
Either Part Time or Full time.
You might think of us as the uber of Nurses. Our objective is that for a small %, around 15% net of Credit card transaction costs, we will bring you bookings and clients to fill your day, expand your business and also help the community. Add your own promotional efforts to ours for a powerful team that wins. You can also leave the bookings to us. And focus on delivering quality services to win repeat clients for your long-term Micro Clinic business. You can receive £30-£200 per hour depending on what is involved.
Benefits of partnering
  • Receive Appointments. Paid in advance.
  • Receive and Manage these appointments on your phone.
  • Set your own hours from your own account.
  • Choose the types of services you wish to provide.
  • A range of Healthcare, Tests and Vaccinations – you decide from the Services in our system. Suggestions for adding more types of services are welcome.
  • Payments are made to within 48 hours of the booking completion, straight to your account from us.
  • You receive our payments, we remove the Equipment Costs and our Fee and you get the rest.
  • You are joining a solid class leading system. Patent pending Digital Signature records for Dynamic COVID QR Codes. Potentially for real time, on demand, Test/Vaccination evidence. Time as well as Date stamped, with RGN Agent Certification.
  • Join our Micro Clinic Telegram Discussion Group

VIP Partners

  • Some VIP Partners who qualify can also have a co-branded Lite version of our booking system MULTIMULTI installed in 15 mins on your own website.
  • You are separated in the booking system from other clinics and also test centres
  • You can choose your own service price levels and change them when you like.
  • Receive bookings in the same system to your Mobile Phone, from your website and also from ours.
Partnering Policy
Our partner program is evolutionary and is based on feedback from partners and the objectives in the company’s business plan.
You can download Videos, Banners and Adverts from our website to use in your promotional ideas.

    Partner Plug in Form

    Please complete the form and we will plug you in!
    If you are self employed please put Self Employed. And for the Company information please put N/A

    If not available now you may submit this form on the basis that you will provide to us within 30 days.

    If you don’t have company please put N/A in boxes.

    Additional Clinic Premises

    Please leave blank if you do not have additional staff or premises.

    Test Agents

    (Each agent needs unique gmail account for appointments on their phone)

    Initial Appointment Types you want to provide

    (Services default in your account is “On”. Please manage your services when you login to your account.)

    (distance you are willing to Travel for Appointments at Home/Office)

    Account details for payments

    I have authority to submit this Partner Application. And acknowledge we can unplug anytime by sending an email to [email protected]. Please send us your training video on the set up of the agent phone for receiving appointments.

    Hello, Guest X